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          About us

          Contact Us

          Wuxi mingschin machine tool co., LTD
          Telephone: +86 510-85620588
          Tel: +86 510-85626818
          Fax: +86 510-85627361
          Email: mxjc@www.brirad.com
          Url: www.www.brirad.com
          AddNo. 1 Huayi Road, Binhu Economic Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

          Current position:Home>>About us>>About us

          Wuxi Mingxin Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. It is a manufacturing enterprise of CNC internal grinder, vertical CNC grinder, CNC centerless grinder and bearing grinder in China. It passed the quality management system of ISO 9001:2000 in 2002 and was appraised as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province in 2006. In 2012, it was awarded the reputation unit of quality service in Jiangsu Province.

          Wuxi Mingxin CNC Grinding Machine Co., Ltd. is a new company founded by Wuxi Mingxin to accomplish the leap-forward development. Relying on the deep accumulation of CNC inner grinder and centerless grinder, Wuxi Mingxin focuses on the development, development and production of vertical CNC grinder with large, high precision, CNC and centerless grinder. At present, the product specifications have covered: vertical CNC grinder of 600mm~4000mm, centerless CNC grinder of 20mm~300mm, CNC inner grinder of 100mm~800mm, CNC outer grinder and bearing grinder of various specifications.

          The company has a team of perfect product R&D personnel headed by more than one master of engineering. Over the years, the company has a variety of high-tech and new products coming out and has obtained a number of independent intellectual property certificates, which are at the forefront of the industry. The company is skilled in production, marketing and after-sales service system management, is a set of design, research and development, production, marketing, service in one of the modern enterprises.

          The company's main products are CNC Internal Grinder, vertical CNC grinder, large CNC bearing grinder, CNC high, precision, degree centerless grinder, ordinary centerless grinder and a variety of grinding machines. The implementation and good operation of iso9001:2015 quality system provides a solid foundation for the production of high-quality products. The company combines traditional experience with modern science and technology in various forms, and produces excellent products by a large number of technicians with excellent assembly and debugging level in the field of grinder manufacturing, which is suitable for the needs of many users. They are Shanghai Automobile Co., Ltd., FAW Car Co., Ltd., Tangshan Aixin Gear Co., Ltd., Changzhou Guangyang Bearing Co., Ltd., CRRC, Shanghai Beite Technology Co., Ltd., Wenzhou renben Automobile Co., Ltd., Shandong Binzhou Bohai Co., Ltd., Sweden SKF Bearing Co., Ltd., Chongqing Qijiang Gear Plant and Wafangdian A large number of enterprises, such as Bearing Co., Ltd., Dalian Metallurgical Bearing Co., Ltd., Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd., Sweden SKF Bearing Co., Ltd., Changshu enske Bearing Co., Ltd., provide products for China's bearing, energy, electronics, light industry, automobile, textile machinery, railway and many other industries, and successively exported to Sweden, the United States, India, Mexico and so on All over the world, Mingxin's products have also benefited from the experience accumulated in these projects, and the products provided for domestic and foreign enterprises have been highly appraised. Among them, the vertical CNC grinding machine series products processing aperture can reach 4 meters, which is rated as high-tech products of Jiangsu Province.

          Aim of the company: "Based on service, based on quality for survival, based on science and technology for development." Warmly welcome customers to negotiate business and seek common development.


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