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          Contact Us

          Wuxi mingschin machine tool co., LTD
          Telephone: +86 510-85620588
          Tel: +86 510-85626818
          Fax: +86 510-85627361
          Email: mxjc@www.brirad.com
          Url: www.www.brirad.com
          AddNo. 1 Huayi Road, Binhu Economic Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China


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          Main Characteristics:

          MX-400 CNC Vertical Grinder is a universal grinder with joint travel over 4 axes by using Siemens 828D control system. One clamping can grind various special shapes such as ID, OD, end face,  surface of the part.

          It adopts a double-grinding frame structure. According to the needs of processing parts, two vertical grinding spindles can be selected; one vertical grinding head and one horizontal grinding spindle. Both vertical and horizontal high-precision grinding spindles are driven by frequency converters for speed regulation. The rotating speed of the grinding spindle can be equipped with high and low speed according to the required processing size.

          The guide rail adopts Japanese THK roller guide with high precision and high vibration resistance. The ball screw adopts high-precision THK ball screw.

          The workpiece spindle adopts a sleeve spindle, and the bearing adopts a high-precision grouped angular contact spindle bearing.

          Vertical grinding frames adopts the hydraulic balance device to balance the gravity, which improves the balance when moving up and down and the life of the executive components.

          The machine guide rails and ball screws are automatically lubricated by the lubrication station. And there are sealed covers for protection.

          The machine can be equipped with pneumatic pitch circle positioning gear automatic fixture, three-jaw fixture, four-jaw fixture, electromagnetic chuck and various special fixtures.

          Grinding coolant filter adopts magnetic and paper precision filter device.

          The machine tool can be equipped with a diamond roller dresser and a single-point diamond pen dresser.

          The machine’S X1、X2、Z1 and Z2 servo axis can adopt the Heidenhain linear encoders to form a closed-loop control.

          The machine tool adopts a fully enclosed housing, and an optional oil mist separator.

          Main Application:

          It is mainly used for precision grinding of ID, OD, end faces, and conical surfaces of disk-shaped parts such as gears, bearings, and shaft sleeves. The grinding of each surface is completed at one time to ensure the position accuracy of each grinding surface. It is a new generation of high-precision and high-efficiency production machine tools. The entire grinding cycle of the machine tool is automatically completed, and the operator only needs to assemble and disassemble the workpiece. This machine tool is especially suitable for mass production of gears and bearing rings.

          Machining accuracy:





          同軸度 Coaxality




          表面粗糙度Surface roughness


          Main Specifications:

          立磨頭磨削                                                                                                              Ф50mm-Ф350mm

          最大磨削深度Maximum grinding bore length                                                                   300mm

          最大磨削外徑Maximum OD to be ground                                                                         Ф400mm

          工件最大回轉直徑Max. swing diameter of the worktable                                                   Ф400mm

          橫梁滑板行程(X1、X2)Stroke of horizontal slide on cross beam(Axis X1 and X2)             600mm

          磨架上、下往復行程(Z1、Z2)Stroke of vertical slide(Axis Z1and Z2)                               420mm

          工件主軸轉速(無級調速)Workspindle speed(stepless speed change)                                    10300r/min

          X1、X2、Z1、Z2軸最高速度Max. moving speed of Axis X1,X2,Z1 and Z2                          6m/min 

          X1、X2、Z1、Z2軸分辨率Resolution of Axis X1,X2,Z1 and Z2                                          0.001mm 

          工作臺最大承Max. loading ability of worktable                                                               200kg

          機床總功率Total power                                                                                                   55KW

          機床外形尺寸Overall dimension of the machine                                                               2602352800mm

          機床重量Weight of the machine                                                                                     8500kg



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